Friday, August 5, 2011

Shunters: A collection of locomotives

2009-06-15: Lone Shunter comes in on Stikland line

10:01AM: This is 36-017

Diving into the cutting towards Bellville Yard

2009-06-17: Shunter goes out with train on Strand line


This is 36-025

The blue containers seem to be loaded with scrap metal. These containers are placed in pairs on flatbed wagons.

2009-06-19: Two Shunters come in on Stikland line

10:08AM - 36-017 and 36-006 with a tanker and some wagons in tow.

These two Shunters make their appearance again soon in the entry below ...

2009-06-19: Two Shunters go on Strand line with one wagon

10:38AM - having come in in the previous entry, the two shunters go out again on their next errand.

The smokers are 36-006 and 36-017

2009-07-10: Shunter goes on Strand line with open top containers

Shunter 36-023

The train consist of a number open top blue containers, presumably containing scrap metal. These containers are positioned on flat bed wagons.

2009-07-10: Shunter comes in to Bellville Yard from Strand line

36-016 with its shunter's wagon

2011-05-12: Shunter goes out on Strand line

09:54AM 36-023 heads off with a number of open hoppers designed to transport ballast. These are in the NAY class and number series 69 xxx xxx

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