Friday, August 10, 2012

2012-06-13 CONTRA-CHEM weed-killer train

 9:42 - The CONTRA-CHEM weedkiller train had just left the Bellville yard, and is awaiting the green signal to access the main line to the north.
 A peek at the operator controls - these seem to be metering valves for the weedkiller stuff.

 E1330 is heading the train - an indication that the train is heading on the mainline to the north.
 The green carriages carry "SHUNT WITH CARE" notices.

Note observation windows at end of train.
This picture proves the effectiveness of the weedkiller. (Malmesbury line near Wintervogel)


  1. Great pics, this train would make a very interesting model,
    Regardt, Kleinmond

  2. just passed us at the Merwespont siding, Bonnievale