Sunday, July 31, 2011

2009-06-18: Maintenance Train comes in to Bellville Yard

10:32AM: Quite a surprise to see a train coming in from Stikland in the left lane line, and then switching across to right-most track to come into the cutting on the north side in order get access to Bellville Yard. The probable reason for this was that work was being done to the normal southern side track going into the goods yard.

The normal position is that trains usually go out to Stikland from the Yard via this line, and not come into the yard via down this line as is shown here.

The train is headed by 35-471 and 35-003.

Obviously wagons which can carry lengths of rail.

The yellow machine has the markings TCR-V and GC1 and the company name "Lennings Rail Services"

An assortment of housing

Followed by water tanks ..

EOT marker = End of train !!!

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