Thursday, July 28, 2011

2009-07-10: Coal Freight to Saldanha departing Bellville yard

10:00 4 Diesels no's 34-415, 35-068, 35-442 and 35-465 show up with a heavy load of Anthracite bound for the smelters at Saldanha.

The wagons are of the CCR type clearly marked with an arrow on the side.

The CCR "arrow" wagons have a capacity of 67 cubic metres, and each one can carry 58,000 kg coal. The Steel smelter at Saldanha requires 675,000 tons of anthracite per annum - this boils down to some 11637 wagons of coal of this type - or an average of 32 wagons per day all year round! [Source for tonnage here.]

The locomotives are slowly moving up the incline, trying to keep the train in momentum as the driver anticipates the green signal.

The signal is green, and the diesels smoke as power is applied.

Each coal wagon has one "arrow" on the side ...

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