Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2009-05-10: Chasing Trains - Berg River to Hopefield

1st Sighting

14:48 near Berg River silos and coming from Saldanha.

A large consist of 5 diesels: no's 35-068, 35-442, 35-410, 35-045 and 34-115.

Going towards Bellville. In yellow is the 132 ton Cottwald Breakdown Crane which is, when on standby, based in Bellville. The wagon trailing the Crane contains an assortment of items required to operate the crane on site.

2nd Sighting

14:58 - This train has just departed from Berg River Station after crossing the previous train there.

This is a heavy load train, and the locomotives are hard pressed ...

The diesels are from the front: 35-061, 35-004, 35-449 and 35-029

Going towards Saldanha.

Fully laden with carbon-rich anthracite, required for the smelters at Saldanha.The CCR "arrow" wagons have a capacity of 67 cubic metres, and each one can carry 58,000 kg coal. The Steel smelter at Saldanha requires 675,000 tons of anthracite per annum - this boils down to some 11637 wagons of coal of this type - or an average of 32 wagons per day all year round! [Source for tonnage here.]

3rd Sighting

15:05 The train about to cross the road between Berg River Station and Hopefield town.

The Cottwald Breakdown Crane crossing the road.

4th Sighting

15:20 The train enters Hopefield Station

The Cottwald Breakdown Crane will be at home base to-night.


  1. Hi Piet,

    Ek is 'n inwoner van Hopefield, was hier gebore ook, en wou jou net komplimenteer op hierdie pragtige fotos van die treine!!